You're the expert, I'm the specialist.
You explore, I facilitate

You know yourself from the start. You oversee all of your behaviour and experience your bodily signals. Together we address your desire to change or improve, to regain yourself.

More balance, more resilience and inner space

Are you experiencing physical symptoms, without knowing where they come from? Fatigue, enduring stress, burn-out, shallow breathing ; anxious feelings, pessimism or apathy? Do these symptoms reoccur regularly and you do not know why?

With body oriented traumatherapy (SE, NARM) and systemic (trauma)work you can discover causes of the complaints and – more important – how to deal with them. We'll be breaking old patterns that bother you, creating more inner space. Space for balance, resilience and flexibility. You're connecting with yourself, experience more pleasure in contact with others, more relaxation and less symptoms. And I will be you're guide.

“Trauma is not a psychological but rather a biological phenomenon. In learning about body language we can help out our body to heal itself.”
Dr. Peter A. Levine, founder of Somatic Experiencing®, a body oriented traumatherapy